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New School Crest Unveiling

19th May 2021


Killina Presentation Secondary School is proud to unveil its updated School Crest.  The new crest was designed after consultation with students, staff, past pupils and the Presentation Sisters, with the aim of capturing the essence of a modern, forward-looking school keenly aware of its roots and historical legacy.
Within the overall development framework and vision for the school, one of the areas explored was the identity of the school. While the original crest was identifiable, the design was based on the generic emblem of the Presentation Order, which was a cross with the letters ‘PBVM’.  Following a survey and a discussion with focus groups around the school uniform, it transpired that many within the school community didn’t know the meaning or symbolism of the crest.  It was felt that the design, while distinctive, was broad and generic, but didn’t reflect the many facets that contribute to the unique identity of the school.
With input from the Presentation Sisters and other stakeholders within the school community, many ideas were floated about a potential design, and all of the features of the new crest are derived from these proposals.  It was universally accepted that the history and origins of the school’s development be incorporated, as well as an acknowledgement of the diversity of aspects of school life that contribute to the holistic development of all students enrolled in the school.
The new crest depicts the acorn, representing the growth and potential of everyone within the school community as well as a link to Nano Nagle’s love of nature.  The canal and bridge reflects the journey the nuns undertook to get to Rahan from Dublin. The lantern symbolises shining light into darkness, and Nano Nagle’s evening visits to the poor and needy.  The year 1817 is prominent,  which signals the start of Presentation education in the area.  The mortarboard (or graduate cap) and books symbolise academic endeavour, and in the bottom sector the paint pallet, musical note, hurl and football representing the arts and sports and various extracurricular activities the school facilitates and encourages in the holistic development of each student.
The motto ‘Non Vox Sed Votum’ is from the latin ‘Not Words but Deeds’, which is the Nagle family motto from the family coat of arms.

It is felt that the new crest reflects the many facets of the school and its own unique identity, by acknowledging its past and signposting its future.

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