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Letter to parents from the Minister for Education

28th July 2020

This is a photo of the letter to parents issued by the Minister for Education,  Norma Foley, yesterday- apologies for not being able to provide a link.
Not unlike other years, this time of year would see the start of back to school preparations between uniforms,  transport, etc.  Circumstances are quite different this year due to Covid, and it brings it's own concerns and issues for staff, students and parents right across the spectrum.
We are no different in Killina,  and while it presents challenges, we will be doing the best we can to ensure a safe environment for everyone in the school community in providing an education to all our students,  and in particular facilitating the transition for all of our incoming new students.
In the interim, we encourage everyone to stay safe and adhere to official guidelines.  It can get overwhelming with some media coverage,  and in particular with some social media discourse which can either add to anxiety,  or create unnecessary or avoidable additional stress.
Further official statements are expected in the coming days and weeks from the Department,  and the school will be keeping parents abreast of the measures and guidelines that we will be putting in place.
So stay safe all, and enjoy the remaining...er, freedom... before we're all back into the swing of things again!!

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