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Congratulations Alex!!

25th September 2020

A huge congratulations and well done to our 4th year student, Alex Bermingham 4 L, who was placed first in his category in the Mental Health Ireland Art & Photography competition 2019/2020.


The competition was to promote wellbeing among students . Alex's entry was themed on how we all connect together.  Leo Hyland and Kirsten Deady appear in the photo.


The fourth years learn about photography during the year and enter the competition with the assistance and encouragement of all the SNAs.


We would like to acknowledge Joe O Sullivan photography for printing the photographs and Mental Health Ireland for running the competition.


In a normal year there would be an exhibition in Dublin and the winners would get to attend . This year the exhibition is virtual and can be accessed below.




Well done to all the fourth years for taking part and the team work shown.


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