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Resource Centre

4th Year Resource Centre and ModGLD class

The Resource Centre is a series of rooms that are used by the 4th year students in Killina Presentation Secondary School.

The 4th year students are all enrolled into the special class for students with a Moderate General Learning Disability (ModGLD). A person with ModGLD, is defined by the SERC Report, as being within the I.Q.Range 35-50, insofar as an Intelligence Quotient may be used as an indicator of mental disability.

Typically there are 16 students enrolled in the 4th year class. The students are divided according to age into two groups – a Junior Cycle and a Senior Cycle class. Students from primary school enrol into the Junior Cycle class and then progress into the senior cycle class. Students typically remain within the 4th year class for 5 years.



The 4th year students are grouped together so as to receive substantial periods of specialist support teaching each day, while also being included and integrated as much as possible into the activities of the mainstream school where appropriate.

The overall aims when planning the curriculum for the 4th year students are:

– To enable them to acquire skills that will be relevant to their lives now and in the future as adults.

– To realise their full potential.

– For the 4th year student to become as independent as possible.

The main areas of focus when planning the curriculum are:


Communication and language


Physical Education

Life and Social Skills


Enrolment Procedures

Parents or teachers of a young student with a Mod GLD who wish to seek further information about the class should contact the Co-ordinator of the Resource Centre.

In order to be eligible to be considered for enrolment, students must have a recent psychological report which states that the student has a ModGLD.

The ModGLD class has a specific enrolment policy which can be obtained from the Principal or Co-ordinator upon request.

The school also has Induction Procedures in place that are designed to help smooth the transition process for those students who are transferring from Primary or Special School to the ModGLD class.


Co-ordinator of the ModGLD class

The Co-ordinator of the ModGLD class is Ms. Anita Dillon. All enquires should be directed to her.

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